Vegan Chocolate Silk Pie

This pie is so dreamy, if I didn’t tell you it was dairy-free you would have no idea! In fact, this pie got about 20 compliments from non-vegans on Thanksgiving. They couldn’t believe it was such a simple recipe! The ingredient list may shock you here, but trust me, this…

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Desserts, Thanksgiving

Spiced Apple Pie

You really can’t have thanksgiving without multiple choices of pie.  Pumpkin pie is a given, but apple pie is honestly my favorite holiday pie! This recipe turned out SO good! And it is so simple. Finally, I can have my pie and eat it too 😋 The crust is perfectly…

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Entrees, Thanksgiving

Creamy Mac N Cheeze

Once you try this Mac you may never go back! This giant bowl of vegan Mac n cheeze from thanksgiving was a huge hit! 🤤 We made WAY too much food, and I am not upset about it at all! I am eating leftovers until 2018!  I love recreating healthier…

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Appetizers, Snacks

Cheezey Brussel Sprout Tots

Ok so, this recipe isn’t the healthiest. But oh my! It is so tasty!! I mean, the Brussel sprouts kind of make up for the fact that they’re deep fried… right?!!?! Just sprinkle ground mustard seed on it… Balance you guys..       (if you don’t understand my ground…

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Baby Bok Choy and Brussels Bowl

I make a conscious effort at every meal to get something green and leafy! This meal has baby bok choy (part of the cruciferous vegetable family; anti cancer, anti aging, protects your brain and eyesight, do I need to go on?!), Brussels sprouts (also part of the cruciferous family) and…

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